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Anonymous said: "I’ve always known pro Israelis are deluded and ahistorical, but this post takes the cake." Dounyazed - Just out of principal I don't see how you could be so inclined to have such a hatred towards pro-Israelis just for being pro-Israelis. Surely you know better, and the current situation is vastly more complicated than you or I could possibly fathom. It's not as black as white as "The Palestinians are being oppressed by the Israelis, murdering children and stealing their land", just as it's not


as simple to say “Israel are 100% in the right and will always be in the right”, otherwise the world would have taken action long, long ago. Please don’t lie to us or yourself. Please answer this and if you actually say something thats unbiased then ill be on your side.

“Just out of principal.”

You don’t know what you’re talking about.

As a Palestinian, living currently under ISRAELI OCCUPATION, having lost friends and literally my entire childhood to Israel, you’re asking me why I then hate people who directly support my oppressors? Do you think everyone has your privilege of being far and detached and unaffected?

"The Palestinians are being oppressed by the Israelis, murdering children and stealing their land" is EXACTLY what is happening. Do you understand power dynamics and structures?

I’ll make things really simple for you: When the Palestinians do anything, it is in response to a brutal occupation and the ethnic cleansing we’ve been facing for the better part of a century now.

When the Israelis do something, it’s to uphold their military occupation. It’s to uphold the status quo and their ethnic supremacy at our expense.

There are worlds of difference between these two, and don’t you ever dare equate them.

It is not complicated in the slightest. It’ actually very simple, and the mystification of the “current situation” has been an Israeli tactic since day one. If you go back in history, a 5 year old could tell you that a bunch of fresh colonists establishing an ethnocracy at the expense of the indigenous population is point-blank wrong, by any standard.

You’re incredibly naïve if you think the world would ever take action based on “justice” and not interests. Is that really your standard for morality? Did the world take immediate action with regards to Apartheid South Africa? Algeria? No it took ages for them to move a finger, and it was the efforts of the indigenous population that resulted in victory, not a complacent, apathetic world.

Your problem is, that you seem to think that you’re so much more sophisticated and enlightened in taking this detached non-stance. Such positions only reinforce the status quo and the narrative of the side with all the power. I don’t need or want your condescending “support” on our side. We have history on our side, we have the solidarity of all decolonizing and marginalized peoples on our side, and the truth.

And a few dozen years down the line, when Israel is just a bad memory, remember this conversation. Remember that you stood and squabbled on the sidelines, like all “objective” middle grounders.

Just like the middle grounders on ending child labor, the middle grounders on women’s suffrage, and the middle grounders on the civil rights movement.

Anonymous said: Gaza was donated to the Palestinians in 2005, families and families of Jewish Israelis were moved out and relocated for palestinians. Gaza is larger than the vegas strip, manhattan, the City of London borough and other highly successful and economicly developed areas. Instead on using hard work and discipline to build something similar for the Arabs of the middle east, Hamas, an internationally recognised and self admitted terrorist organisation, used the Gaza strip to hide missiles under hotels


The amount of mental gymnastics and cognitive dissonance needed to make this post happen is actually quite amazing. There are people that actually believe this.

You do realize that the Gaza strip..is..Palestinian land…right? You do realize it wasn’t “donated”, it’s not a gift, it’s always been ours? You do realize that those settlers, SETTLERS, were there on Palestinian land against international law?

I can’t even be angry at this post. I am honestly baffled how a victim complex can develop to this point. You’re acting as if the settlers are the original inhabitants and the Palestinians are the foreign immigrants to the land that displaced them. Do you realize that for those settlers to have their settlements in the Gaza strip in the first place..they kinda..had to remove the Palestinians there, right?

Do you realize that Gaza still fits international law’s definition of a military occupation? Israelis didn’t leave Gaza alone, all control of Gaza is still maintained by the Israeli army. Borders, airspace, supplies, everything.

Then, you turn around and compare an occupied strip of land, that will not be fit for human life by 2020, a strip with the worlds highest population density, with two of the wealthiest most powerful nations in the world?

I’m sure you know that most Gazans are refugees in origin? They didn’t “donate” their lands to the Israelis, though. But hey, since when did that stop colonial invaders.

I’ve always known pro Israelis are deluded and ahistorical, but this post takes the cake. There is some seriously next level Orwellian propaganda at work here.

Gaza was “donated” to Palestinians, Palestinians displaced Israelis, Israel is the eternal victim, war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.



When some Zionists admit their war crimes against the Palestinians, the expulsion, the massacres, the destruction of Palestinian cities and towns, the theft of land and property, they claim that they had little choice, as they were persecuted in Europe and needed a refuge, even if…


You can try to escape the story of your life, but you can’t. It happened. The baby died; the dog died; the heart broke. I knew you when you were young—I know your heart broke, too. I will know you when we are both old and maybe wise. I hope wise. I know you now, your story. Mine isn’t the one I would’ve chosen in the beginning, but I’ll take it. It is my story. It’s only mine. And it’s not over. There’s time. There is time. There’s so much time. 

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